Hotels Near Penn Station

For hotels near Penn Station, Eventi is right on track

Penn Station Hotels Provide Quick Access to Transportation

One of the closest four-star hotels to Penn Station at just two blocks away, Eventi is a favorite with both business travelers and families. If you're traveling to New York by train from Boston, Philly or Washington, D.C.-or commuting from New Jersey or Long Island-Penn Station is your "Gateway to New York." More than 300,000 passengers move through Penn Station each day.

When Penn Station was first built in 1910, it was one of New York's architectural masterpieces boasting a neoclassical stone exterior with 84 Doric columns and an elegant, sweeping interior complete with a grand glass atrium. It truly was a point of pride for New Yorkers. In the 1960s, "Old Penn Station" was torn down to make way for Madison Square Garden. The current Penn Station now makes its home beneath Madison Square Garden.

Express train to elegance. Despite all the history, we at Eventi appreciate our proximity to this transportation hub. We're happy to share our tips for navigating Penn Station. And of course we look forward to welcoming you from your travels with open arms and exquisite accommodations.